Here comes the rain - are your windscreen wipers working?

The winter season is here and, in Cape Town, we all know it is accompanied by heavy rains. So we get into our cars and switch on the windscreen wipers only to find that they are not working properly and visibility is unclear. This is usually due to wear and tear from cleaning our windscreens from insects, bugs, dust and road grime causing our windscreen wipers to work harder and placing strain on the various wiper components. UV rays also damage the rubber on your windscreen wipers causing the blade to become torn or perished.

There is nothing more dangerous than to be caught in a rain storm and your windscreen wipers are not clearing the rain away and ,added to this, the glare of oncoming headlights, causing the driver to drive blind.

It is always advisable to clean your windscreen manually - than to use your wipers to clean it. One does not realise the wear and tear on your windscreen wipers when you use them to clean your windows.

Check your windscreen wipers regularly:
•    Every time you fill up with petrol.
•    At every service.
•    Replace every 6 months.
•    Is the rubber blade lying over on it’s side?
•    Is the blade torn or perished?
•    Is the wiper assembly bent, or damaged?

The Effects of UV Rays on windscreen wipers:

The UV rays affect the plastic and rubber on your windscreen wipers. The plastic backing of the wiper may become brittle and, due to the fact that it has not been used for a long time, could even mould to the shape of the lower part of the windscreen. This results in the following:
•    Impossible for the rubber blade to follow the contour of the windscreen glass.
•    Patches of your windscreen that are missed
•    A poor wipe.

When the plastic backing becomes brittle:
•    The blade is not held in the wiper arm correctly
•    The windscreen becomes scratched
•    The assembly can break.

Replacing only wiper blades may not be sufficient. Check the assembly and rivet points as it can become worn and the wiper action can become loose. Putting a new blade in an old or worn assembly causes the blade to be held in the wrong position and results in poor cleaning, poor visibility and premature wear (let alone the irritating noise from the worn assembly!)

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