What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is about adjusting the wheel’s position on the car in relation with one another in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. The three main adjustments are:

  1. Toe adjustment
  2. Camber adjustment
  3. Caster adjustment.

How would I know that my vehicles alignment is out?

  1. An off centre steering wheel while driving on a straight road.
  2. The car may drift to one side if you take your hands off the steering wheel.
  3. When inspecting your tyres you may see uneven tyre wear.
  4. Tyres may squelch abnormally when driving around a corner.

A proper suspension check must be carried out before alignment is done. If the steering wheel is off centre or the car pulls to one side after alignment was set to manufacturers specifications, it may indicate a tyre abnormality. Rotation of the tyres usually solves the problem.

Consequences of incorrect wheel alignment: It will cause abnormal tyre wear which will result in reducing the life of a tyre significantly.

Recommendation: It is recommended that wheel alignment is carried out every 10,000 kilometers or if you hit a pavement or pothole, when you fitted new tyres or after you had suspension repairs carried out on your vehicle. Be clear whether the dealer quotes for FULL WHEEL ALIGNMENT or a “TOE ADJUSTMENT ONLY”. Ask for a printout that indicates before and after adjustment readings.

Supa Quick Parow uses the latest wheel alignment technology available. Our technicians are properly trained and our equipment is maintained to manufacturers specifications. We do a proper suspension check before we do wheel alignment as suspension wear renders wheel alignment useless.

At no cost Supa Quick Parow will:

  1. Do a visual inspection to asses tyre damage.
  2. Do a suspension check.
  3. Do a shock absorber check.
  4. Check to see if the wheel alignment is out.
  5. Advise whether it is safe to drive the vehicle without repairing.
  6. Advise if legal or insurance implications may result.
  7. Advise on a time frame before serious tyre damage may occur.
  8. Give a free quotation and a time frame to do wheel alignment.