What you should know about Batteries

The battery lies at the heart of all the modern electronic components in a vehicle. The demands made on batteries are huge.


The battery water level should be checked regularly. To help prevent untimed failure, get a load test done to determine the condition of the battery before winter as most batteries fail in winter. Possible indicators of battery failures are:

  1. If the alternator light lights up while driving it could indicate alternator or battery failure.
  2. When you turn the ignition key to start the engine and it turns over slower than usual.
  3. It you left lights, glove box lights or door lights on, it can drain the battery to the extent that the car will not start. Recharging the battery should solve this problem.
  4. Modern sound systems place huge demands on batteries.


The battery water level should be checked once a month Get your battery load tested before winter

At no cost Supa Quick Parow will:

  • Check the water level or leakage
  • Clean terminals
  • Do a proper battery test with printed results.
  • Give a free quotation should a new battery be required.

Performance Batteries

On your behalf, we’ve entered a partnership with our suppliers to provide the most comprehensive car battery fitment service and aftercare available. The very latest technology comes to us first, and it matches the latest automotive technology pulse for pulse.

In the Willard Achiever Range, you’ll find the car battery that not only matches the latest advances – but actually surpasses them. Alarms and Tracking systems also ask for more from your battery, 365 days a year – so the old saying of the battery being the heart of your car, rings true.

90% of vehicle breakdowns are as a direct result of battery failure. And usually if the battery failed – it was the battery maintenance that pushed it over the edge. That’s where the "Willard Early Warning” Maintenance Plan comes in. Only available through the Supa Quick network, the plan keeps your sparks fresh and strong. It only takes 5 minutes, so you could say it’s done in a flash. Even more great news is that it’s absolutely FREE!

Budget Batteries

For vehicles that perform at a more workhorse level, the same reliability and ease of use can be found in our economy range. Once again, we take the time to expertly match our car batteries to your vehicle.

SABAT provide the day in, day out, stop-start motorist with honest to goodness performance, at the keenest of discount prices. This means you win in 3 ways:

  • Reliability.
  • Cost.
  • Service back-up.

4 x 4 batteries

How far would you like to go? Come to Supa Quick first and we'll get you there, AND bring you back. Our 4x4 battery advice is as vast as your horizons. From back-up "Deep Cycle" units that run lights, fridges, winches and just about anything you can think of, to "Sealed Cell" no-maintenance-no-spillage units.

Batteries for bakkies and light delivery vehicles

From bakkies to tractors, from workhorses to weekends away, we've got more EXPERIENCE than anyone else. Whether you're stump-pulling or loaded down to the gunwales, you need power in your key, day in and day out. Expect only the best advice from Supa Quick when it comes to ensuring your battery is perfect for your vehicle make and model.

Battery Guarantees

  • At Supa Quick we don’t just offer great advice, service and expertise; we also offer you peace of mind long after you have left our workshop floor.
  • All our new batteries are extensively covered up to 12 months by the manufacturer.